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Cultivating an Enriched Ecosystem


Beyond the fusion of cutting edge technologies and service excellence for an enhanced managed WordPress experience, we generously share our prime resources to empower your success.

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Starter Sites

Transform your online presence by leveraging our collection of ready-to-use starter sites. These meticulously crafted templates are designed to elevate your website, providing a seamless and visually captivating experience. Kickstart your online journey with these highly customizable templates, tailored to meet your unique needs and aspirations. Explore the possibilities and effortlessly enhance your website aesthetics, functionality, and overall appeal. Discover the perfect foundation for your digital success with our versatile and engaging starter sites.

starter sites
modern business template

Modern Business Template

Jumpstart your business website with a sleek and professional template. Ideal for showcasing your products or services.

creative portfolio

Creative Portfolio Layout

Explore a visually stunning portfolio layout designed to leave a lasting impression. Perfect for artists, designers, and creative professionals.

ecommerce essential

E-commerce Essentials

Launch your online store seamlessly with this e-commerce essentials starter site. Customizable and feature rich for a successful online business.

blog contenthub

Blog & Content Hub

Kickstart your blogging journey with this versatile and engaging blog & content hub starter site. Capture your audience with compelling content.

Stock Photos

Dive into a curated haven of high quality stock photos, meticulously selected to elevate your visual storytelling. Unlock the potential to enhance your content with a captivating array of images tailored precisely to your needs. Our curated collection spans various themes, ensuring you find the perfect visuals to complement and enrich your brand’s narrative. From breathtaking landscapes to dynamic business shots, explore the vast array of possibilities and infuse your content with the power of compelling imagery. Elevate your visual storytelling with our handpicked selection, designed to add depth, authenticity, and visual appeal to your digital presence.

stock photos

Why Us?

Countless Reasons to Choose Us

premium addons

Premium Add Ons

LivePress includes the most demanding high-quality premium themes and Plugins into its network like Astra Pro, Ultimate Addons, Divi, and many other performance, Design, Security, Marketing and SEO plugins.

lowest price

Lowest Price

LivePress is the world’s lowest priced and high quality Managed WordPress solution in Cloud built on top of best CMS, Best Experts, Top Technologies all wired together to give you high performance websites upfront.

tech gurus

Tech Gurus

We are WordPress experts and back you up on every step of the process. We keep our eyes on all parameters of the system all the time to watch out for any shortfalls, errors, or any other technical issues.

Diverse Platforms, One Unified Expertise


Astra Pro
Convert Pro
DIVI Theme Builder
Elementor Pro
Ultimate Addons
Envato Elements

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